Free Guitar Lessons Online

Free Guitar Lessons OnlineThe internet has changed a lot of things for guitar players, one of the coolest things is that you can now find tons of free guitar lessons online.

Providing free guitar lessons online is in fact the mission of, with the added bonus that if you enter your name and email in the form at the top right of this page, I’ll send you a free guitar lesson each week via email! Most of these guitar lessons are taught by myself or other guitar instructors, and are for the most part videos. A lot of the free guitar lessons online are simply text, however I believe video is a richer media for teaching, so we try to use it as often as possible!

The biggest question though is not whether or not you want to learn guitar – after all, you probably wouldn’t be here if you didn’t! But rather, it is what do you want to learn on the guitar? This question is itself a function of where you’re at as a guitar player. Free guitar lessons online only help if you’re learning things that are useful right?

Let’s keep it fairly simple here; depending on where you’re at as a player, I’ll give you a few ideas for free guitar lessons to get you started!

Free Guitar Lessons Online: For Beginners

Free Guitar Lessons Online: For Intermediate

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