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Today’s free guitar lesson is something that players of all levels need to really understand. If you’re a beginner, then this is definitely for you. If you’re an intermediate or advanced player, there’s a good chance you already know this, but if you don’t, knowing your tones and semitones is one thing that you really need to understand!

Tones and semitones govern where the notes are found on your guitar, so without a basic understanding of that, you’ll always struggle to learn the fretboard. Once you understand how they work, you can take things a step further to start looking for patterns on your guitar. In fact, just the octave pattern alone can cut back on the amount of memorizing you need to do to learn all the notes by two thirds!

If you’re already familiar with your tones and semitones, then you can take a pass on this free guitar lesson, and checkout some of the more advanced free guitar lessons on the site – you’re sure to find something of interest!

In the video, I mentioned an empty fretboard diagram that you can use to practice your fretboard – you can download that here.

Watch Learning the Fretboard on Youtube.

This technique of learning the fingerboard on your guitar is quite powerful, especially when you start connecting with the various patterns you find on the fretboard.

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