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  • How to use scales and riffs
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Free Guitar Lessons

Free Guitar LessonsIf you’re looking for free guitar lessons, then you’ve come to the right place! is chalk full of free guitar lessons for players of different levels.

When you’re learning guitar, consistency is very important. If you pick up the guitar only once every month or so, I’d be very surprised indeed if you find yourself actually improving! Of all the guitar players that I’ve met and taught, the ones that applied themselves consistently were the ones that found themselves moving forward.

That’s why I decided to create a website to offer free guitar lessons to anyone and everyone who wanted them! The way this site works is you enter your name and email into the form at the bottom of this page, and select whether you prefer my Beginner guitar lessons, or Intermediate guitar lessons. After you’ve confirmed your email address (I want to make sure it is indeed YOU that has signed up!) you’ll receive your first lesson by email. After that, you’ll get roughly one free guitar lesson per week!

Free Guitar Lessons: Beginners

In the free guitar lessons for beginners, you’ll learn things like how to play chords, basic strumming patterns, simple riffs, what chords go together, and even the odd easy guitar song thrown in for good measure.

Free Guitar Lessons: Intermediate

In the intermediate series of free guitar lessons, I’m assuming that you’re already familiar with the basic open chords, strumming, and things like that, so we’ll focus more on learning some scales, riffs, picking, and improvising techniques.

Have a look around the site – read the comments on each post! – and you’ll quickly get an idea of what goes on here!

Here are a couple sample free guitar lessons to get started – but remember, if you actually want to receive the regular weekly lessons by email, you’ll have to enter you name and email on the form on this page.

To get started with your weekly free guitar lessons, simply enter your name and email in the form above!

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