Last Dance With Mary Jane Chords For Guitar

Here’s a guitar lesson on how to play the Last Dance With Mary Jane chords by Tom Petty. I didn’t address the riffs in this song, as this video is targeted towards beginners. Instead, we focus mostly on the strumming aspect, which sounds pretty cool on its own anyways.

The guitar chords are quite simple – all open chords – Am, G, D and back to Am. The chorus (I didn’t get into that in the video) is Em7, A, Em7, A, G. You can experiment with different strumming styles, especially using some embellishments on the Am.

Leave a comment down below and let me know if you like the song and I’ll do another video for the riffs.

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(UPDATE: I’ve now done a lesson for these riffs for Last Dance With Mary Jane as well. Click here for the Last Dance With Mary Jane riffs.)

Last Dance With Mary Jane Chords:

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John Wade - November 9, 2009 Reply

I was unable to view the video. I believe the link did not work.

Jonathan Boettcher - November 9, 2009 Reply

Hi John – I’ve changed some of the video settings, I hope now they will stream better. Let me know if the problem persists.

DAVID LAMBERSON - November 11, 2009 Reply


    Jonathan Boettcher - November 13, 2009 Reply

    It should be fixed now… (it’s working here anyway) let me know if you still can’t see it.

Gary Brewer - November 16, 2009 Reply

Neat. I am an amatuer but play a little. I will work on that. Please do make a video for the riffs, thanks,

    Jonathan Boettcher - November 16, 2009 Reply

    Hi Gary – I’ll add that to the list. You’ll probably see it come through in the next couple weeks.


Blake - November 16, 2009 Reply

My video does not match the audio – way out of sync

    Jonathan Boettcher - November 16, 2009 Reply

    Hi Blake – there must be some sort of file transfer error going on because its working fine on this end – perhaps try it directly on YouTube? (

tonya - December 10, 2009 Reply

thank you this is a good way to practice my stumming

Hoda - December 11, 2009 Reply

Hi Jonathan
i’ve got the same problem as John and David, blank box/screen.
I love the way this site’s got to teach us guitar. I know abit of guitar I can rock at chords and strumm but my trouble is that i’ve been learning strumming by pick from my tutor instead of hands and fingers and that could be a pitty cuz i dnt feel the music it doesn sound that much nict the way i wanna play.

    Jonathan Boettcher - December 11, 2009 Reply

    Hi Hoda,

    Please try refreshing your browser, or else try viewing the video here on YouTube instead:

    Regarding the strumming – you’ll see a strumming lesson coming up soon, hopefully that will help explain some things, also regarding the pick. Cheers!

Jack - January 6, 2010 Reply

Too cool bro. I agree with the person who would like to check out the riffs on this as well. Thanks again!


bob - January 12, 2010 Reply

Loved it. Looking forward to the riffs.

You are getting more proficient with showing the hands so that is nice for us newbies.


    Jonathan Boettcher - January 12, 2010 Reply

    Thanks Bob – yeah this is a work in progress. Learning curve for me too! πŸ™‚

paul - February 3, 2010 Reply

cool strumming and chord progression Jonathon,hope the riffs are as easy,cheers

John Becker - February 5, 2010 Reply

Great song, thank for showing it to us. Your tips really help.

kirk - February 15, 2010 Reply

Hi John you do an awesom job on thease videos! i am having a hard to picking and strumming at the same time will this come with time? lol thanks kirk

Jonathan Boettcher - February 15, 2010 Reply

Hi Kirk, yes, picking and strumming will come in time (with practice!). It’s like everything else with guitar – learning your first chords for instance… seems hard at the beginning, but you keep at it, and soon it becomes second nature.

Wayne - February 15, 2010 Reply

cool sound. got that down. still working on scales

Jim m - February 16, 2010 Reply

Great lesson,I loved it. I love anything with just afew chords,it really works for me! Thanx looking forward to riffs toooooo!!!

Wayne - February 21, 2010 Reply

Been working on accuracy of strumming strings for a while without looking. Actually practice it in the dark. Really helps to keep concentration on fret board fingering.

Jonathan Boettcher - February 22, 2010 Reply

Playing in the dark! Now that’s a cool tip. Come to think of it.. I remember doing that too!

Mark - February 28, 2010 Reply

Thanks! Great video lesson for a cool tune that should help me with practicing my strumming. I do a pretty good Tom Petty vocal impersonation too, must be my big nose, LOL!

Jim - March 10, 2010 Reply

GREAT Lesson!!!!
Hey, I sound COOL on my guitar! Just a beginner, But I found this easy to follow, and didn’t take me long to actually sound pretty good! Thanks for the how-to! I’d love to learn some of the riffs!

Jonathan Boettcher - March 10, 2010 Reply

Hi Jim, thanks!

I’ve done a lesson on the riffs since this one was done – you can see that one here:

Dorothy Masseburg - March 23, 2010 Reply

thank you ,I enjoy the lesson

sid - April 11, 2010 Reply

Johnathan I was unable to view your video i believe the link did not work Im in Australia.

    Jonathan Boettcher - April 12, 2010 Reply

    Hi Sid, the videos are hosted on YouTube… so they should work anywhere in the world. You can try it directly here (on YouTube) though as well:

cossy - April 11, 2010 Reply

Very good, for my 1st time, but can you use split screen for us newbees cheers cossy au

Roland James - April 12, 2010 Reply

Great lesson, so simple it seems, you know its one thing to play it smooth, and than everyone’s like..sing! than it all comes toppleing down. If you couls show us the whole think that would be real good. Oh I see the links there I’ll look at them.

Thanks Jonathan

Pamela - April 13, 2010 Reply

You going to fast, cast see your hands very good or the positions.

Dan - April 14, 2010 Reply

Hey Jonathan, loving the lessons, they’re a huge help. You’re getting way better at getting the camera around your fingers but sometimes it’s still a bit difficult. I was wondering, if you could get a buddy to work the camera maybe you’d be able to get some better angles of what your fingers are doing. Just a thought, what you’re doing is fine and i’m learning a lot from you. Keep the lessons coming bro, they’re awesome.

    Jonathan Boettcher - April 14, 2010 Reply

    Hi Dan, thanks for the feedback on the camera – that’s good to hear its improving! Yeah, I’ve thought of conning someone else into being the trigger man but haven’t found a suitable candidate yet πŸ™‚

Chef - April 14, 2010 Reply

Sorry, but I’m a total newb & obviously not as advanced as you all. Thought this was for beginners, hahaha. Being so fresh, I need to see it even slower, it’s still a bit fast for me & I cant quite make out the strumming patternt. Or is there a way to download the file so I can loop certain sections while I’m learning it? Better yet, can you provide the music or tab for that section? Thank you so much for your instructions & I’m very impressed that you Really Do respond to everyone.

Jonathan Boettcher - April 16, 2010 Reply

Hi Chef, I guess there’s a little bit of a difference between ‘complete beginner’ and ‘beginner’ πŸ™‚

You’ll find the chords listed at the top of this page; tab won’t really help with the strumming pattern very much, and truthfully, I’ve heard it strummed quite a few different ways. Try not to get too hung up on the way that I’m playing it, but find a way that works for you and run with it (as long as it sounds good πŸ™‚ ).

Hope that helps a bit – you can also see the video directly at YouTube (sometimes they give options for downloading it directly) here:

Twilight Prince - April 22, 2010 Reply

you showed how to finger the first chord, but then you just zoomed through the rest… i was totally lost…

i thought it was funny when you mentioned the thumb mute because i was already naturally doing that.

Jonathan Boettcher - April 22, 2010 Reply

@Twilight Prince – I can’t go into the fingerings for every chord on each of the videos I make, because it would take too much time. However, you can view this video here for more on specific fingerings:

Steve Clauter - April 24, 2010 Reply

It has been about 3 days and I can begin to hear an improvement! I can go through the chords clearly but my strumming needs improvement. Back to practicin’…. Thank you again for the lesson!

Charlotte - April 30, 2010 Reply

Thank you so much, I just want to learn a song and you are helping me! I have so much info in my head… want to play.

Butch - May 22, 2010 Reply

Hi Jonathan! very good strumming exercise,and a nice song to learn as I had not played it before. I like learning new stuff, thank you Jo.

Catherine - June 6, 2010 Reply

Thank-you for the guitar tip. I play worship music in church. I’m sure the hammer on chord progression will add something special to our songs.

Ashish Rai - June 9, 2010 Reply

Like the hammer on effect in the chord progression.

Ron Towle - June 13, 2010 Reply

Hi J- Avery nice choice for beginners-good work!

Keith Cook - June 17, 2010 Reply

yep, very clear both in shot framing and procedure.. thanks.

Ed Booth - June 20, 2010 Reply

Great vid,you put it straight and simple to learn.Glad I joined.

Laparkas - June 21, 2010 Reply

Thanks Jonathan, Its really great to have someone that can help a person along… Thanks again!

Tony - June 26, 2010 Reply


Jesse James - July 13, 2010 Reply

This is a great video, and all I got to do is practice this song. I love this song anyway.
Thanks for the great effort you put into this.

Michael Gerard - July 13, 2010 Reply

Great video, really helps! Is your 25% off special still running?

al mandel - July 31, 2010 Reply

Hey Blake awesome vids for a 55yr old newbie like me. Do u sell or recommend any books for beginning guitar players
Thanx Al

    Jonathan Boettcher - August 2, 2010 Reply

    Hi Al – I’ve done a few reviews of different guitar courses here:

    Hopefully that’s helpful for you.

Michael O"Harrow - July 31, 2010 Reply

Hi Blake, I find your lessons very interesting and easy to follow. Keep up the good work. Mike

Michael O"Harrow - August 2, 2010 Reply

Hi John, sorry about the name mix-up. I’ve used this chord combo before and it does my heart good to see someone else using it for instructional purposes. Souns great! Later, Mike

SKBINN - August 15, 2010 Reply

Wow,great lesson. I am a beginner and i have never had a one on one lesson yet however i have learned a ton of info from Johnathon.This was a great lesson,thanks for it.

tom - September 20, 2010 Reply

hey johnathon!! thanx man!! good tune ez to figure out!

Tru - September 23, 2010 Reply


Cool, but I haven’t heard the original song, so after I’ve heard it, I’ll be able to follow you even better.


Ps. Keep it up!!!

Nick - September 27, 2010 Reply


Great song, great strumming tips. I’m looking forward to the Am, hammer-ons.

As a beginner, I would have liked a better understanding of the strumming pattern. Perhaps you can spell it out in your next lesson as you know what a challenge strumming/rhythm is for us!

Keep up the great work.


Tom - October 21, 2010 Reply

Good video on the strumming. Might I suggest bringing the camera in towards you and then down to the fretting hand. Think of it as if you were looking at the freboard as you play, that sort of angle. Great stuff here, Jonathon!

steven - October 23, 2010 Reply

hello i wounderd if you could help me i like to know how do you know when to change chords and witch order to play them as iv only being learning for a threw weeks now if you could shed some light on this i would be very gratefull for your help and i allso think your videos are great thanks again for your help

ed ivanisko - October 27, 2010 Reply

good stuff you’re doing – changing cam angles was right on.If I may add a couple of “refinement ideas” 1 – Try to reduce or eventually eliminate “ums “& “ahs” while speaking.From a musicians perspective try thinking of the “ums&ahs” as musical rests ( we don’t say “rest” when it comes up as we sing), this has helped me a lot for speaking. 2 – In the bit where you’re showing bends & you mention that bending either up or down is about the same – to refine & expand your sounds hetre’s what a very good musician( Jack Pledge now in Australia check him out google to begin)showed me 30 yrs ago in Thunder Bay : any note you’re aiming to bend to,particularly when using adjacent strings,can also be played by sliding up to the bent note instead.this adds to your range of sounds & importantly the target note will be true when slid to so your ear will get the true note down pat which will lead to sweeter sounds when you do bend as your ear will recognize the sweet better.Jack always bent his notes up(better control truer sweeter
) & used the down bend for heavy & rapid vibrato.Hope this helps – keep it up!

Justin Berilla - October 27, 2010 Reply

Nice video,Jonathan. I’m guessing you can play this song on an elecric,too(that’s what I have). Once I can add G into my learned chords, I might try this song. You did the camera angles very nicely, and the video was high quality! thanks a lot.

jerry vrzak - November 17, 2010 Reply

I need lead guitar and riff work – If you could direct me in that direction I would appreciate it.
thanks, Jerry

    Jonathan Boettcher - November 17, 2010 Reply

    Hi Jerry,

    Hang on until next week… we’ve got something on exactly that coming up very soon… stay tuned!

kirk bowman - November 18, 2010 Reply

hey Johathan i need help learning riffs and lick and runs and stuff is they any way you can help me thanks kirk

Could you show the G chord that you used? I need the exact strings and frets that you used in the video, the one you used the B with. - February 12, 2011 Reply

I would like to know the G chord you used using the B string. I am new and I didn’t recognize what chord you used. Marsha

    Jonathan Boettcher - February 14, 2011 Reply

    You can just use a normal G chord in this song… I’m not sure which chord you’re referring off the B string…

alex ray hunt - March 4, 2011 Reply

Hay Big J, I like what you are doing for guys like me. I seem to pick up a little from you each time I hook up with you & Griff, and I realize it takes a lot for you guys to keep this teaching method up every day or evry two days. So thanks a hold lot for what you are doing. arh

Bill - March 16, 2011 Reply

thanks very nice I learned something

Thad - April 7, 2011 Reply

Thanks so much. Excellent lesson. You are awesome.

Thad - May 7, 2011 Reply

Very good lesson. I am a beginner, only 10 years old. Thanks for what you do. I hope to play as well as you do some day.

Pelita Joy Webb - May 16, 2011 Reply

Thanks Jonathon,

I got a lot out of that beginners lesson! I know most open chords and some bar chords, but have v limited strumming technique, so it was just right for me. I went to the riff video and thought I might even be able to do that some day! (This is true hope, I’ve never thought that before, I thought that stuff was limited to the talented ones!!!)
I actually feel enthused and encouraged. You’re awesome, ta.
You said you would like some feed back on the way the item was presented.
I couldn’t think of any improvements at all when you showed us the strumming, but in the riffs, I would have liked to see how your right hand
played as well.

Thanks again
Pelita Webb

Deb - June 13, 2011 Reply

Thanks for that lesson. It was perfect for where I’m at. I’ve only been playing for a few months but I’m older and really want to learn to play well. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.


Jo S - July 21, 2011 Reply

Thank you for showing how to play those chords. It was very informative and I completely was able to play it well!! I, too, am older and teaching myself. I appreciated the demonstration on how and where to place your fingers as well.

Austine - August 1, 2011 Reply

Hey, ur stuff is so amazing. I know alot of chords both open and bar ones but have been struggling with strumming. the strumming u dod here is of gr8t help. I have started on scales and so i will be checking out ur riff vid soon,much love in christ.

Michele - November 19, 2011 Reply

If this is for beginners, you need to break down the strum pattern for us!!

Strummer07 - January 13, 2012 Reply

Not overly familiar with this song althiough a big fan of Tom Petty – Good strumm / pick pattern……..Copy of Tab would be helpful for practice… thanks
keep the songs coming .. Real handy stuff !!

Will you be singing soon πŸ™‚

How about Neil Young .. “This Old Guitar” or “Old Man”

Vivi - January 23, 2012 Reply

Hey, Your video is amazingly great , it has been a great help especially with the struming..thxs πŸ˜‰

Bob Ward - January 26, 2012 Reply

Great video, thanks!

Would love to see the chorus!

Len - February 19, 2012 Reply

Worked well the first time … Thanks !

Tom Lee - March 28, 2012 Reply

Great vid Jonathan, I appreciate how well you explain each lesson in such simple terms…it takes the mystery out and makes it easy to understand. I feel the same as a comment above from Strummer07, the tab would be handy, as well as some Neil Young stuff. Thanks for all you do.

Martins651 - July 4, 2012 Reply

The strumming lesson is what grabbed my attention. As I’m learning to play some songs. I tire of the mundane rhythm strum. It’s difficult to find a strum rhythm that sound correct with some songs. Example: Elpaso by Marty Robbins. I just can’t seem to get comfortable with a strum rhythm. So any help with strumming is welcome. As a Beginner. I really appreciate your lessons. Being a little clearer on single notes hit in the strumming would help me.

Chadnz - September 11, 2012 Reply

Cool thanks! πŸ™‚

tom - September 20, 2012 Reply

I liked it.

TIm - November 18, 2012 Reply

Had no idea that is so easy to play,,sounds great

Mike Wells - January 24, 2013 Reply

You’re the best teacher I’ve come accross. Very informal, and you know how to show all the incidentals. Going to order the riffniga blues track as soon as I get paid next week. I’ve learned so much from you’re lessons that I’ve gotten into playing again after being in such a bad rut. Great stuff, and keep em (lessons) coming!!

30 years of playing and 10 years off
MW – Milford Michigan

    Jonathan Boettcher - January 24, 2013 Reply

    Β Thanks Mike – I’m glad to hear you’re back on the project! πŸ™‚

Elli - April 5, 2013 Reply

Great lesson! Also, I’ve been really into the Beatles for the past week, and I heard from someone that Get Back by the Beatles had very simple chords and was easy to play, sort of like this lesson on Mary Jane. Could you help with that song?
If you do, thanks a bunch!

Austin Vanderaa - April 30, 2013 Reply

I know this song and its awesome - June 22, 2013 Reply

You really should use a split screen so we can see exactly what the left hand is doing simultaniously with what the right hand is doing. But an instructive video nontheless.

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