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Guitar Riffs for Last Dance With Mary Jane

A little while ago I did a lesson for the beginner’s on the chords for Last Dance With Mary Jane, by Tom Petty.

I got some good feedback from the lesson, with most of you asking for the riffs as well.

So, today I bring you the riffs for Last Dance with Mary Jane. Or is it Mary Jane’s Last Dance? I never could remember.

Anyways, you’re basically using A minor diatonic and pentatonic, with a little bit of the C major diatonic scale in there as well on the top few strings.

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Last Dance With Mary Jane Chords For Guitar

Here’s a guitar lesson on how to play the Last Dance With Mary Jane chords by Tom Petty. I didn’t address the riffs in this song, as this video is targeted towards beginners. Instead, we focus mostly on the strumming aspect, which sounds pretty cool on its own anyways.

The guitar chords are quite simple – all open chords – Am, G, D and back to Am. The chorus (I didn’t get into that in the video) is Em7, A, Em7, A, G. You can experiment with different strumming styles, especially using some embellishments on the Am.

Leave a comment down below and let me know if you like the song and I’ll do another video for the riffs.

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(UPDATE: I’ve now done a lesson for these riffs for Last Dance With Mary Jane as well. Click here for the Last Dance With Mary Jane riffs.)

Last Dance With Mary Jane Chords:

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