A Bread & Butter Blues Lick

Here's another very useful blues lick for you - this one has a couple of parts, each of which could be used on their own in many other ways, or combined again with other ideas. The more of these tiny mini-licks you have up your sleeve, the more creative you can get with your solos. 

We'll start by sliding in from that blues note - the flatted fifth, and into the fifth fret. If you're not familiar with the blues scale, or the pentatonic scale, you might want to refresh yourself with that scale first.

Next up is that gnarly double-stop bend on the 7th fret. We're only going up a semitone, so no need to go crazy here. 

Following that we just walk back down through the scale, until we land on the tonic, which in this case is A, on the 7th fret, 4th string. 

If you enjoyed this lick, you'd love my Box 1 Blues Soloing course.  

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