Blues Guitar Lessons

Blues Guitar LessonsThe blues guitar lessons on this page were chosen not because they’re all 100% blues; in fact, many of the skills you’ll learn here apply equally well to other genres of music as well.

However, blues guitar is an extremely popular sub-culture among guitar players, and as such I felt it deserved a special mention here. As such, you’ll find lessons on this page that will teach you different aspects of blues guitar playing, though sometimes from a more general base.

For example, understanding the pentatonic scale is terribly important, and as such is one of these blues guitar lessons; however it is equally terribly important to know that scale if you’re going to play country, rock, pop, or any of dozens of other genres you may like.

Now, with all that said, there are some skills and techniques that are specific to blues guitar, and over time, we’ll try to dig into those here too.

Blues Guitar Lessons: