3 Chromatic Blues Licks in E

There’s nothing like a good 12 bar blues to let you throw in a few blues licks while you’re jamming around, but the actual rhythm part of the 12 bar is usually pretty easy to pickup. So, today I’ve got three blues licks for you to work on. Once you’ve got those nailed down, take them and start throwing them into your jam sessions, your favorite 12 bar, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

The common denominator among these three licks is that they all have a bit of a chromatic flavor to them. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the interval patterns demonstrated here, you should checkout my other lessons, starting with those on the guitar scales. You can also find other lessons on thirds in the Licks & Riffs section, and some explanation in the Guitar Theory section.

Because these licks are chromatic, they’re not found strictly within a particular scale pattern; however knowing your pentatonic minor and major scales will be useful here. Essentially, we’re working off the E pentatonic minor scale (open), and also getting up into the G major pentatonic as well.

Once you’ve got those licks down, I always recommend working them over with some jam tracks to really get them down pat. You can find a great collection of jam tracks here.

3 Chromatic Blues Licks:

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Jvitzz - September 11, 2012 Reply

This is the kind of lesson I really enjoyed watching. 3 in 1. I have to master the third riff. I kinda slow on that one. Thanks friend and have a good day!

Grogers - September 11, 2012 Reply

I enjoy your e-mails. It would be more helpful if you place the tabs for these licks.

Gary Rogers

Walter Peters - September 13, 2012 Reply

  Good  Lesson  Jon,  Nice  Notes,  Nice  Tones,  Nice  Licks,  Thank  You….
          Wal  of  the`RAPIDS“CEDAR`that  is…

Bill - September 13, 2012 Reply

Great lessons.  Tab would relly help shmucks like me !  thanks

Ozzymbs - September 14, 2012 Reply

Thanks Jon,good stuff. Can never have too many riffs.

John - January 22, 2013 Reply

Nice sounding guitar, Can you tell me the model #?
I have been looking at the Takamine guitars. I like the deep tones.

    Jonathan Boettcher - January 22, 2013 Reply

    Hi John, it’s an EF360SC. The F indicates made in Japan. It’s got Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, which contributes a lot to the deep tone you’re hearing.

Chico - April 7, 2013 Reply

LOve this and other lessons; off the topic, I have injured the forefinger and middle finger on my left hand, and althought the healing is complete, except for some numbness when i play, I find I cannot make a full barre chord anymore. I have your video on small barre chords; I was wondering if you have any other specific advice for me on the subject.

C.J. - July 6, 2013 Reply

please provide tabs

Geoff Clegg - July 19, 2013 Reply

As others have commented, tabs would be really useful – great licks but difficult to follow without tabs

EMudgeSr - April 2, 2014 Reply

Great sounding licks, but without tabs of the licks and tabs of the rest of the playing around the licks I am at a loss to try to duplicate what you are playing.

Douglas - March 28, 2015 Reply

Very nice style to these. A couple of things that I have been starting to work with. At least I have a better idea how to make it work.

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