An Awesome Little Blues Lick

In today's lesson we're looking at one little blues guitar riff that you can literally use anywhere you want to. It's a short lick, so you can fit it in between vocal lines if you want, or you could use it as part of your solos - anything you want. 

The trickiest part of this guitar lick is the very first note. We're bending the string up, but then abandoning it. Making that transition from the bend to the other two strings will probably be the hardest part for you. It really helps if you walk through it slowly though, paying attention to your various muting techniques. I like to use my right thumb to help mute that string, and I also use my left index finger to catch it as it comes back down. That finger really only just butts up against the string, it doesn't depress it or anything like that, but it serves to deaden any further vibration and end the note. 

Hopefully you recognized right away that we're in the A Pentatonic Minor scale. If you're not familiar with that scale pattern, I really recommend you start working there, first, then come back later on to learn some riffs that come from the scale. 

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