The World’s Ugliest Guitar Player

ugliest-animalSo in my “travels” I recently came across an article talking about the Blobfish – recently voted as the world’s ugliest animal.

Anyhow, this Blobfish looks for all intents and purposes like a pinkish blob with eyes, a nose like thing, and a mouth.

Basically, it sits about 900 meters underwater, looking for stuff to eat with its blob-like mouth.

Did I mention it is very blob-like?

Anyhow, that got me to thinking… what would the world’s ugliest guitar player look like?

Of course, we wouldn’t want to make that contest based on physical appearances, but rather on playing.

In my ever so humble opinion, that player would be similar to the blobfish – have kind of the shape of a guitar player, but not really have any defining characteristics.

No structure to what they played, no understanding of how it all fits together. Wandering around on the bottom of the guitar world, looking for scraps other players further up the food chain have dropped.

They would be recognized as a guitar player, but when you inspected a bit closer, you couldn’t really figure out if they had their own style, because most of what they played was simply copying from other more experienced players.

Now, I’m most definitely not calling anyone a blob-player here – just having a little fun with it – but if you’d like to add structure and understanding and character to your playing, then I recommend my Crash Course In Guitar Theory.

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  1. A person who decided to quit a band or even just playing completely just because their bored with it. šŸ™ ALL OF YOU WHO ARE READING THIS YOU BETTER GET OF YOUR BUTT AND PRACTICE…….please:)

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