How To Break In A New Wah Pedal

joe-bonamassa-crybaby-wah-pedalA few months back I treated myself to a new bit of guitar gear…

A signature Joe Bonamassa Crybaby wah pedal.

Oooh that thing sounds nice!

I’d never actually played with a wah pedal prior to that, as I’m not much of one for pedals in general.

And let me tell you, it takes a bit of getting used to.

You have train your foot to modulate the sound of the guitar by rocking back and forth, all in time with what you’re playing.

When you nail it, it sounds fantastic.

When you don’t, it just sounds like more noise.

So, mucho practice is in order.

You know how I go about doing that?

I wait until my wife is out of the house, 🙂 then I hit “play” on my 30 Blues Jam Tracks, crank them through the stereo, turn my guitar up to match, and have myself a good old jam session.

No one’s around, so I literally try everything I can think of.

I make hundreds of mistakes, and I jump on that wah pedal until it screams for mercy.

All the while, soloing along the some pretty groovy jam tracks that keep me in the mood with tons of ideas flowing.

And you know what? I’m starting to get the hang of that thing.

You can use the same tracks I do – there’s even a free one available here.

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