Lick 14: More Sliding Sixths

This is a cool-sounding lick that you can modify in a lot of different ways. In fact, it’s kind of like three licks in one. You can have a lot of fun with just the first bar, especially if you take that idea and move it elsewhere in the scale.

Then, in the second bar, we slide up into that sixth. There’s more that can be done there, too, if you start adding other sixth patterns. There’s SO much you can do with these, one of the other licks we did used these shapes, and I’m sure this won’t be the last! You can also think of these as inverted thirds, if you consider the note on the second string to be the root note – which is sometimes a bit more convenient.

Either way, learn these shapes – they’re super handy.

Then the last part is working with those intervals on the first and third strings. In my mind, I usually think of these shapes as being related to the root 6 bar chords, like I described in the video. If you do that, it’s really easy to throw one of these in over top of any chord you want.

Be sure to checkout the Lick of the Week archive – and if you’d like to learn how to improvise solos without tons of thinking, checkout my Box 1 Blues Soloing course!

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  1. Hi Jonathan: I’m still around having just passed the big eighty but in March past I lost my beloved Wife Doreen 0f 54 yrs. to an inoperable Brain Tumour; As a result life is now completely changed and this is why I”m out of touch for the past while. I still get your emails for which I thank you!

    1. Hi Sam, I still remember you! I’m very sorry to hear of your loss, I can’t imagine what it is to walk through a season like that. I hope playing guitar & making music can play some small role in helping you navigate this time.

      Best regards,

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