Gagging Down The Blue Pill

Did you ever see the movie the Matrix?

Kind of a weird movie I guess, but it sure spawned a loyal following, and somehow they turned it into a trilogy…

Anyhow, there’s this scene in there where Neo, the main character, is given the choice between taking two pills.

There’s a red pill, and a blue pill.

If he takes the red pill, he will know the truth – that reality as he knows it is a big lie, and all humans are plugged into a giant computer run by the machines that rule the world.

If he takes the blue pill… well, he’ll just go on in sweet blissful ignorance, happily unaware that he’s being enslaved, consumed and ultimately killed by the machines that control his reality.

So he takes the red pill.


Gets disconnected from the machine that rules the world, and finally sees reality for what it truly is.

Well, guess what?

I’m giving YOU a similar choice:

Take the red pill or the blue pill.

When you refuse to learn guitar theory and how it truly explains the reality of what is happening on the guitar, you’re gagging down the blue pill. You go on unaware of the power of applying theory to your playing, and how it can near-instantly improve your guitar playing.

Then, there’s the red pill.

That’s what ” Unlocking I IV V” is – my crash course on guitar theory.

Only a few swallow it, of course.

Theory has accumulated such a bad rap over decades of being taught by the classical musical elite, that by the time it typically filters down the masses, it is just a bunch of super technical terms that few can understand.

Take the red pill though, and the world of music suddenly becomes clear. You’ll learn how an itty-bitty piece of theory has such far-reaching impact on how you approach your entire guitar…

You’ll experience how learning a bit of theory has a multiplying effect – so if you’re at say Level 2 guitar, learning theory could put you at Level 4… but if you’re already at Level 4, well, you do the math.

Even better, once you understand the ‘matrix’ you’ll be able to use it for your own advantage… manipulating chords and notes into sequences that sound awesome, deciphering new songs with ease… the list goes on and on.

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]
quotes_greyHey Jonathan, thank you very much for this one. It has done more wonders for me. It’s like my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of music. I realize that this is probably very basic stuff but to nevertheless it is something I have never seen before. Thanks Again!!
Charley Jeffries,
Kearney, Arizona[/box]

It’s a world, NEO, where you achieve the goals you have for your guitar playing.

So – the choice is yours…. Which will you choose?

The Choice Is Yours – Choose Here

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