Impress Your Friends With This Guitar Trick

campfireLast weekend I went for a quick little camping trip. There’s something about camping – even close to home – that does the heart good. At least, it does mine. And of course I jumped at the chance to take along my old Takamine and get in a little campfire jamming in the evening.

Certain kinds of guitar music always sound better with the crackling and popping of a fire nearby…

Anyhow, I was just jamming away, and one of the guys asked what I was playing. Thing is, I wasn’t playing any particular song, I was just noodling around in the key of G. And everything I played was due to a wee bit of theory that explains exactly which chords are available in each key. I used this little bit of chord theory to jam for nearly half an hour in exactly the same key…

Things were always changing and different, yet I stayed in the same key. I enjoy playing that way – I know others prefer rolling through a list of songs they know, and that’s cool too.

But for those who just love jamming (and for everyone else too – for that matter!) learning a little bit of guitar theory is crucial.

The difference between playing with a little bit of theory under your belt, and not, is like the difference between a modern car and a horse-drawn buggy.

Learn Guitar Theory – The Easy Way

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