Cool Chord Progression + 2 Riffs

Well it’s been a little while since I shot a lesson for you guys, so this time I thought I’d at least change up the background a bit!

Today we’re going to learn a cool chord progression: Em G D A, and a couple licks.

The first lick is pretty simple – it’s just straight up through the E pentatonic minor scale. Here’s some basic tab, for those who need it – feel free to change up the feel from what’s written.

E pent minor lick

The second riff is marked out a bit in the video itself.

Bonus points to anyone who can figure out the location where this video was shot, in the comments!

Alright, here’s the video, enjoy… if you watch to the very end you’ll see a special guest appearance. šŸ™‚

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  1. very inspiring environment; mountains as such we don’t have in the netherlands, so I’ll have to play this lick in my backgarden for now.

  2. Hey Jonathan, at the end of the video, was that Colin Daniel without a guitar and his ninja head band.
    Beautiful place. I used the play at the beach in Hawaii. The only place I could feel the inspiration for Slack Key.
    Great lesson. Something to play with for a couple of hours.

    1. Haha, I’ll let him know you said that šŸ™‚

      It’s strange how environment can motivate, isn’t it? I found that little lake had a good sound to it – not just “dead” like some outdoor environments. I whistled once and noticed a bit of an echo, perhaps that helped…

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