More Guitar Riffs in G Major

Here’s another lesson with some new guitar riffs for you, based on the G major and E minor scale patterns. It really helps once you start recognizing how the minor scale is integrated with the major scale. That’s something I cover in detail in my Guitar Scale Patterns course, however you can see it in action in this guitar lesson.

As with all the guitar riffs you learn, I recommend watching closely to how I play it, make sure you understand the riff and what scale patterns it is related to, and then work it over a whole bunch to make it your own.

No doubt you have different tastes in music than I do, and so I will naturally play a riff differently than you would, even if we’re playing the same notes. I might emphasize something different than you would, and that’s cool, because that’s how we get our great diversity in music.

Anyways, grab your guitar, and let’s learn some guitar riffs!

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If you liked the style and difficulty level of this guitar riff, you might like to check out my short course that contains a bunch more guitar riffs in G major.

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