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More Guitar Riffs in G Major

Here’s another lesson with some new guitar riffs for you, based on the G major and E minor scale patterns. It really helps once you start recognizing how the minor scale is integrated with the major scale. That’s something I cover in detail in my Guitar Scale Patterns course, however you can see it in action in this guitar lesson.

As with all the guitar riffs you learn, I recommend watching closely to how I play it, make sure you understand the riff and what scale patterns it is related to, and then work it over a whole bunch to make it your own.

No doubt you have different tastes in music than I do, and so I will naturally play a riff differently than you would, even if we’re playing the same notes. I might emphasize something different than you would, and that’s cool, because that’s how we get our great diversity in music.

Anyways, grab your guitar, and let’s learn some guitar riffs!

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If you liked the style and difficulty level of this guitar riff, you might like to check out my short course that contains a bunch more guitar riffs in G major.


Using 3rds In The G Major Scale

Here’s a more advanced guitar lessons for those of you who are ready for it!

In this lesson Colin will give you some ideas on using 3rds from the G major scale. You’ll have to know your scales pretty well to follow this, as Colin moves around using the whole fretboard, though he’s also using the E pentatonic minor scale (open position) quite a bit as well.

That E pentatonic minor scale is relative to G major, so it works perfectly here.

Most of the examples in the video are coming off the 1st and 3rd strings, though you’ll see towards the end he also dives into the inverted thirds on the 2nd and 4th strings as well, just to change things up a bit.

You can find more lessons by Colin Daniel at RiffNinja.com – I highly recommend checking out his site as he’s got tons of top notch guitar lessons there.

If after watching this you realize that you need a brush up on your guitar scales, I recommend checking out my course on Guitar Scale Patterns!

3rds In The G Major Scale

Watch 3rds In The G Major Scale on Youtube