Lick of the Week 10: Flatted Fifth Double Stop

Flatted fifths are incredibly dissonant… And that’s exactly why we like them! There’s nothing quite like creating massive musical dissonance and then immediately resolving it – people just love that stuff.

However, if you camp out on the dissonance, your solo is going to go downhill FAST. So, as I mentioned in the video, although we’re starting on that flatted fifth, we’re moving on from there right away.

And I do mean right away.

As usual, feel free to muck about with this riff and really make it your own. Truth be told, although I use this basic idea quite often in my solos, I maybe only ever played it this exact way for the purpose of this video. Get used to changing your riffs on the fly! My Box 1 Blues Soloing course is a fantastic way to learn how to do that.

When you’re done with this lick, don’t forget to checkout the Lick of the Week Archive!

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  1. Like the licks before it, this one is cool. I really like the double stop pull off. The slide with my pinky takes some effort to get a good sound but its worth the effort.

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