Lick of the Week 9: 4ths in G Major

Today I thought I’d haul out my acoustic guitar for a bit of a change, and teach a guitar lick that might be a little more accessible for the beginners among us.

It’s actually pretty much the same lick as we learned in Lick 7: Sliding Fourths, but it may sound and feel very different because of the context.

The more you can learn to re-purpose your licks in new situations, the more valuable each one will become to you.

I didn’t do tab for this lesson, because it very simply is just sliding the 3rd and 4th fingers from the 3rd fret to the 5th fret, and back down again.

In terms of the actual rhythm, you can play it the way I did, or you can do something completely different with it as well.

Be sure to checkout the Lick of the Week archive – and if you’d like to learn how to improvise solos without tons of thinking, checkout my Box 1 Blues Soloing course!

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