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How To Break The “I Can’t Solo” Curse

“I just CAN’T SOLO!!”

Man, the guy was frustrated. He’d tried all kinds of things in order to learn how to solo.

He’d learned the pentatonic minor scale (a GREAT start by the way) but he couldn’t figure out how to make his solo sound like anything BUT the scale.

He’d tried copying solos verbatim (ie ‘covers’) but that wasn’t doing it for him either.

He was still having a really hard time unlocking whatever it was that held him back.

I felt bad for him, because I’ve seen a number of people stuck in this conundrum.

There seems to be a mental block on the creative drive, and it needs to be smashed somehow.

My advice to him? He’d gone in a little deep, and was starting to get tunnel vision over his failures, so I instead I recommended he learn some simple guitar riffs that worked with the pentatonic scale he knew.

Sometimes seeing how the riffs relate to the scale, and then hearing how arranging those notes in different ways can sound so cool can really crank up the creative juices.

It seemed to with him, anyways.

Speaking of learning new riffs, Steve Stine’s course 96 Rock Licks is an awesome collection.

You can find it here

Another common problem is that other guys have learned a few riffs, but have used them so much,over and over again, that they’ve fallen into a creativity rut as a result.

It’s not so much that they can’t solo, it’s that every time they do solo, it sounds just like the last time.

In those cases, oftentimes learning a new riff and hearing the sound of it as you play it can break the funk.

I’ve had it before where I learned just one new lick and it made such a difference.

Steve’s course has not one, not ten, not fifty, but ninety-six great riffs taught in great detail so you can capture every nuance of each one.

Break the “I Can’t Solo” curse with these licks.

If you’re really struggling with the soloing, learn just one new lick today and see if that doesn’t help…

I bet it does.

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