Guitar Riffs

Guitar RiffsLearning new guitar riffs is like adding another tool into your toolbox; they’re always handy to have and you never know exactly when you’ll need that specific one. So, I always like recommending that people learn as many new riffs as they can get their hands on.

Guitar riffs should be learned in the context of a scale pattern. No riff has ever been written that doesn’t relate in some way, shape, or form to a guitar scale pattern. Your job when you’re learning a new riff is to always identify which guitar scales are being used, and then work from those patterns. By doing this you’ll be able to integrate guitar riffs with each other much more fluidly, and also modify those guitar licks slightly to be your own creations.

When you learn a new guitar riff, spend some time with it, and work it over in a few different songs so you really get a feel for it, and how you can use it in different circumstances. Just like a crescent wrench, you can often use riffs in many different places if you change up the timing of the notes just a little bit.

So grab your guitar, and checkout the guitar lessons in the page below!

Guitar Riffs & Licks: