Finger Picking on Guitar – An Easy Technique

I know there’s a fair amount of interest in different guitar finger picking techniques – and truthfully I’m sure you could do an entire course just on finger picking – so I decided to do a little lesson on one of the finger picking techniques that I like to use.

I like finger picking with this style because it gives a very rhythmic, mellow sound that fits my mood perfectly when I just wanna relax or cool off. Works great with minor chords, as you’ll see here, but feel free to try this guitar finger picking technique with anything that strikes your fancy. I like using this in all kinds of different songs, chord progressions, keys… it doesn’t really matter, because it is the technique we’re after. Once you learn a new technique it is up to you to apply it everywhere you can.

Start using this two-finger picking technique with the Am7, Dm7 and Em7 chords that I show you here, because you can get used to picking the root note plus the 2nd and 3rd strings. Once you’re familiar with that, try it with some other chords and start moving the string that your root note is on.

When you’re done this lesson, you might like to learn some more easy picking patterns.

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  1. Thanks Johnathon,
    I really found this video so helpful, and thanks for all the stuff you’ve shown us till now. I haven’t seen many people explain this sort of thing as well as you do.
    Good on yer mate!(australian for well done lol)!

  2. Another good one Jonathon. You have way too much info for one person and I am very glad you are sharing it. THis one looks good. As you said it is both mellow and catchy!!!
    Thanks for the freebees
    Thanks also be to you for your Guitar Scale patterns as it has indeed unlocked my whole fretboard for me. You cannot watch that video too many times.
    Happy New Year and thanks again for sharing.

  3. Jonathan,
    Thank you for the program on finger picking. Could you please tell me the root note for the following chords.
    a,a7,a minor,b, b7, c, c7, d, d7, e, em, e7,f, g, g7?
    Do the root notes stay the same for all the different a chords, allthe different c chords, etc.
    Thank you for the freebies, and everything you do to help us beginners.

  4. That was beautiful, Thanks again, nice kinda jazz vibe I will work hard on that one…Also love the percussive beat. Mark from Vegas

  5. real good lesson on string picking. I have truly enjoyed all you have shown me how to play the guitar. Like a lot of folks out there I have started in my 60’s and kind of makes me wish I have started sooner but what the heck I’m enjoying it now and that is what matters most.

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