How To Create Your Own Guitar Chords

This guitar lesson will show you how to create your own guitar chords, using nothing more than a scale and open chords you already know. We’re using the key of G, so the open chords are G, C, D and Em, Am and Bm. The relative minor scale is E minor, so we’ll use the E minor diatonic scale.

Basically, all we’re doing here is adding other notes from the scale to the chords we’re using, in order to create new variations that sound cool, and that can be used for song writing, jamming or improvising.

Chords that Work Together

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Walt Peters - September 20, 2010 Reply

Wheres the Bricks.??? Thank You Jon… Sometimes I`ll do that
up the neck, with Half/BarCords… that make Cool Tones……..

Thank You Jon.!!! UssAGoodMan………..


Walt Peters - September 20, 2010 Reply

Ooops I just spilled some BUD down the front of My T-Shirt….

Sorry Jon……….
How I missed this Big Mouth…….I don`t know……..!!!

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