First Bar Chords

Welcome to the first guitar lesson in our Level 2 series!

Level 2 is for guitar players who definitely are not complete beginners… perhaps they have a few months of experience under their belt… or perhaps they’ve played for 20 years already, but regardless of how long they’ve played, they’re still in the overall “beginner” category. I like to think of Level 2 as “Experienced Beginners.” With that in mind, we’ll be looking at some topics that will probably push you a bit – like today’s lesson on bar chords, for instance!

If you know your E major and E minor chord shapes, then you’ve got enough chord knowledge to start applying this. We’re looking at bar chords that find their root notes on the 6th string, so we call them “Root 6 Chords.” Take E major for instance – it’s root note is the open E on the 6th string, so considering that as part of the chord, move the entire chord shape up 5 whole frets, until your root note is on the 5th fret. Now you’ve transposed that E major into an A major!

If you’d like to go further with your bar chords, checkout my course Bar Chords Made Simple.

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