Playing Bar Chords on an Acoustic Guitar?

It seems as though there’s a widespread myth out there that the acoustic guitar is a completely different instrument than the electric guitar, and that subsequently, you can’t play things on an acoustic guitar that you can play on an electric guitar.

Well, for the most part, that’s a load of hooey.

The fact is, the electric and acoustic guitars are very much the same, and pretty much everything you can play on an electric guitar you can play on a properly setup acoustic guitar.

I’m not talking about tone; there are obvious differences between the tone you can get out of an electric versus an acoustic. In that regard, they are indeed quite different instruments.

But I am talking about things like playing bar chords, scales, riffs, being able to solo; pretty much any of that stuff is 100% playable on the acoustic guitar as well as the electric guitar.

As I mentioned earlier, the key is in having a properly setup guitar. This video will talk about one of the biggest issues that people run into with acoustic guitars – the action is too high, making it incredibly hard to play certain types of chords.

Guitar setup is an important thing – not to be overlooked. The better your guitar plays, the more likely you are to play, and the more you’ll enjoy playing, all of which are good things!

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Walt Peters - January 11, 2011 Reply

Good tips Jon… Thank You
You`re a Good Teacher………

Wal of the`RAPIDS` `CEDAR`that is………

Charlie Draper - January 30, 2011 Reply

Good tip on getting your guitar set up properly. I see this as one of the biggest mistakes a beginner makes and most likely why so many give up early.

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