8 Cool Guitar Christmas Albums

It’s probably due to the incessant commercializing of Christmas, but over the years I’ve developed a slightly involuntary cringe whenever I hear a Christmas carol. Nothing against Christmas – nothing at all – but seriously, do the stores have to all buy the same CD, and play only that one CD endlessly for 2 solid months?

Now that I’m on the subject – I was once in a store buying some shoes around Christmas time, and I heard the same song repeated six times! Can you believe it?

So – because Christmas music can still be fun – here’s a short list of great albums that put a bit of a different spin on the traditional carols most of us are used to. Why did I pick 8? Why not? 10 is so over-rated…

There are of course countless Christmas albums out there (seems that nearly any band that’s been around more than about 4 years has a Christmas album) so here I’ve decided to focus mostly on Christmas albums that are guitar or blues/rock based. I mean, what guitar player wouldn’t find it cool to have a guitar-driven version of Deck the Halls roaring out of the stereo?

Just as a side note – if you click through to Amazon you can actually listen to samples of each song on each album.

Thus without further ado, I present you 8 Cool Guitar Christmas Albums.

1. Merry Axemas: A Guitar Christmas

2. Merry Axemas, Vol 2: More Guitars for Christmas


Christmas Spirit

(Los Lonely Boys)

4. Genuine Houserockin Christmas

5. The Venture’s Christmas Album

(A bit older – but talk about sweet guitar work!)

6. The Ho! Ho! Hoey! The Complete Collection

7. A Classic Rock Christmas

8. Santamental

(Steve Lukather)

PS – These would make great stocking stuffers or gifts for any guitar player!!

Do you have a favorite Christmas album you’d like to see added to this list? Leave a comment and tell me about it below!

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