Hard Stage Blues by Luca Sestak

Well, here we are on a guitar-oriented site, and I’m giving you a piano player to watch! What’s up with that?

The thing is, as musicians, there’s an awful lot we can learn from other musicians, even ones who play different instruments than we do – if we’re looking for it!

Sure, there are guitar players who have good dynamics and a great sense of timing and rhythm, and no doubt we’ll look at some of those too, another day, but today I wanted to actually point you at a piano player in order to get you thinking outside the box a little bit.

I’ve heard so many great guitar players say they stole a lick from a piano player, or a trumpet player, or a saxophone player, or whatever. I’ve even heard them claim to steal tricks from drummers!

It takes a bit of conscious effort to develop a mindset that watches other instruments for ways to improve our own, and hopefully this helps push you in that direction a little bit. It’s a great performance, so watch it through a few times, and then let’s talk about what he’s doing and how we can apply that to our guitar playing in the comments below.

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  1. Wow, Luca was totally immersed in his music — such feeling. Jonathan you are so right — an excellent showing of dynamics.

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