Congrats! You’ve Graduated to Level 2!


You’ve made it all the way through our Level 1 series of guitar lessons. Regardless of your own thoughts on that, I think it’s worth celebrating. Sometimes when we’re in the middle of the grind, making tiny bits of progress each day, we lose sight of the fact that we’ve actually made significant progress.

Just think – only a few short weeks and months ago, you had basically zero experience on the guitar – a total newbie.

But now, you’re a real guitar player, still early on your journey, but a genuine guitar player nonetheless.

We’ve graduated you ahead into the Level 2 series of lessons, so you should start to receive those shortly.

But before you move on, would you do me a quick favor? If you’ve enjoyed the lessons and seen some progress in your playing, would you tell us about it briefly in the comments below? I’d love to hear where you were at when you started Level 1, and also how things have changed now that you’ve graduated.


Jonathan Boettcher

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