Your First Guitar Lesson

Welcome to your very first guitar lesson! This is the first guitar lesson in our series for total beginners – if you’re on the email course list, you’ll be getting a lesson like this once a week. However, this lesson is 30 minutes, and most of the lessons you’ll be getting will actually be under ten minutes. The reason today’s is longer is because there’s a bunch of important groundwork we need to cover first, so that we can all get on the same page as quickly as possible!

We’re going to talk briefly about things like tuning, the parts of the guitar, using picks or fingers, holding the pick, holding the guitar, finger pain, some practice tips, and of course… we’re going to learn some chords too! Last but not least we’ll discuss strumming – at least in as much depth as you need right now. All these topics will be expanded on in future lessons.

If you want to skip ahead to different sections in the video, below you’ll find a list of the different topics and timestamps.

Topics Covered:
0:54 Tuning
4:00 Parts of The Guitar
6:33 Picks vs Fingers
8:48 Holding the Pick
10:10 Finger Pain
12:01 Holding The Guitar
14:06 Practice Tips
15:45 Your First Chords (E minor, A minor, and Asus9)
27:11 Strumming

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    1. Hi Dave, all the lessons in the email series are posted on the website here, so if you poke around a little you’ll find them, just not in the same order or anything. A good starting place is the very bottom right of this website, there you’ll find different categories and from there you can find individual lessons on topic.

  1. Thanks will work on this for awhile. Nice to find something that will work for me. Most of my family play some musical instrument but the gene skipped me

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