Sweet Home Alabama Chords for Guitar

This lesson will teach you the Sweet Home Alabama chords for the guitar. This is one of those super popular guitar songs that most people will recognize. In fact, most people will probably recognize this song from just the chords and the picking pattern, even without playing the riffs.

In this lesson, Colin teaches the chords and the picking pattern, and although we’ll save the riffs for another lesson, if you watch close you can pick up a few ideas for those too.

The basic guitar chords are D, C and G, with an F major in there as well.

Have fun with this one!

Sweet Home Alabama Chords for Guitar

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JerseyJoe - November 29, 2011 Reply

Amazing how a short, quick lesson can provide hours, days and weeks of practice. Love it!

Pablo - November 29, 2011 Reply

Great Lesson, quick and easy. I watched other websites teaching the same song had me confused, now it is clear as the blue sky.

Albert Kanosky - November 29, 2011 Reply

Thank you! I always liked that song.

Jerr - November 29, 2011 Reply

Sweet and simple..Love it

Bink - November 29, 2011 Reply

Just dropped in to seem what my email condition is in and snagged this tip from, well, Jonathan Boettcher. Took a few minutes with my ole Yamaha and is big fun. Strum on!!! Bink

Jane Williams - November 29, 2011 Reply

Thanks Colin,
You make it seem easy but your clear and simple instructions. Jane

Loretta Siegrist - November 30, 2011 Reply

I’ve played this song before. But now I can play it better.
Thanks for the details. I needed that!

mark archuleta - November 30, 2011 Reply

hey Colin, first time I’ve seen you. Great tips, strait, informitive and to the point. I was trying to get it on my own a while back, gave up and moved on. Now it’s a snap! thank you so much.

Jesse James - December 1, 2011 Reply

This is the best lesson I have ever seen on this song. Thanks ever so much. It is simplistic and makes one feel confident in learning this song.

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