Slow Blues Jam Track in “A”

Sometimes I spend hours just jamming with jam tracks like this one. They're such a good tool for developing your solo, I don't know of anything quite as powerful. Having the chords on-screen is also very useful for developing your ability to target individual chords with your riffs on the fly, right in the middle of a solo. 

If you're interested in learning the solo at the beginning of this video, checkout the Slow Blues Solo in A here. 

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  1. REALLY GOOD. Not often I see the notes to follow along with, makes learning easier its guitar karaoke. Thank you

  2. Jonathan…I just got thru listening to my blues heroes, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Gatemouth Brown from here in South Texas. I suggest that you listen to THEIR blues playing, and try to play along with them…Rock easy, my brother!

  3. Loved your heartfelt playing. I could tell you were in the Zone. I’ve purchased your great instructional stuff and respectfully request the tabs for that solo in A. Loved the way you did it. Thank you

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