Slow Blues Jam Track in “A”

Sometimes I spend hours just jamming with jam tracks like this one. They're such a good tool for developing your solo, I don't know of anything quite as powerful. Having the chords on-screen is also very useful for developing your ability to target individual chords with your riffs on the fly, right in the middle of a solo. 

If you're interested in learning the solo at the beginning of this video, checkout the Slow Blues Solo in A here. 

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Bill - June 27, 2019 Reply

REALLY GOOD. Not often I see the notes to follow along with, makes learning easier its guitar karaoke. Thank you

    Jonathan Boettcher - June 27, 2019 Reply

    Thanks Bill!

Jim - October 18, 2019 Reply

Thanks Jonathan. A simple straightforward progression that all players can follow, even beginners.

wayne - March 13, 2020 Reply

this is the best blues I’ve ever I’m gonna use this for my blues in school

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