Open G Major Tuning: Great for Slide Guitar!

Today I’m posting one of my friend Colin’s videos, one that he did on the Open G Major tuning for guitar. This is just an introduction to the tuning, giving you an idea what you can do with an open tuning. Alternate guitar tunings are a ton of fun, and this is one example.

When you’re tuned to open G major, when you strum all the strings without using any frets, you’ve got a G major chord.

Playing slide in open G major tuning makes things a lot simpler, because now you can create a whole chord on the same fret with the slide. This opens up all kinds of possibilities that aren’t available in standard tuning. Colin has a series of guitar lessons on slide, including a whole course called Essentials of Slide Guitar. You can find out more about that here:

Slide Guitar Made Simple

Video Problems? Watch Open G Major on Youtube.

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  1. thats great for people that have two or three guitars , that way they can tune one guitar to open G, one to drop D,OR DOUBLE DROP D, AND STANDARD, RIGHT NOW I HAVE ONE GUITAR AND TO LAZY TO DO ALL THAT TUNING , SO IF A SONG IS NOT IN STANDARD TUNING I FIND ONE THAT IS, BUT STILL LOVE THE LESSONS , BOGGIE DOWN AND ROCK ON.

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