Lick of the Week 6: Descending Diatonic Major

Sometimes it can sound SO good to simply use the scale as a lick. Sequence or pattern based licks are great for that, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today with this descending diatonic major lick.

It’s straight out of the diatonic major scale. If you wanted, you could apply this same pattern to literally any other scale pattern you wish, or even to the full scale pattern, but in this case we’re really only just using the top octave of that scale to get a nice one-bar guitar lick.

In the video I showed two different versions of this lick. My favorite one is this one, where I actually skipped one note from the diatonic scale.

The second version of this lick is just as teeny bit longer, and as such no longer fits completely into a single bar. This version is the straight scale version, including all notes.

It’s worth trying both versions, then you can choose which you prefer most!

Did you like this style of lick? Want more patterns based licks? Let me know in the comments below! Also, if you liked this lesson, you can find more like this on the Lick of the Week page.

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