“I HATE Bar Chords :(“

pulling-out-hairEvery now and then I hang out on various forums online, just to get a feel for what people are talking about in the guitar world.

Well, this past week, one post I watched with interest was titled “I HATE bar chords 🙁

That was it – there wasn’t really anything more than the title, and yet it was interesting to watch what other “advice” people offered.

One of the themes went along these lines – if you hate bar chords so much, then don’t play them. After all, you should only do what makes you happy, and if playing bar chords makes you unhappy, then don’t do it.

Well… where should I start?

First off… if we actually LIVED by that advice, do you think anyone with a sweet tooth (like me) would ever eat another chunk of broccoli in their life? I wouldn’t lol.

There are all kinds of other things in life that require short term “pain” in exchange for long term gain.

Yeah, I know, it’s a bit cliché, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

The other thing that is very true is that initially there’s a bit of “pain” in learning bar chords. You’ll have to work your fingers in new directions they’re not used to, so that’s to be expected.

But…. and here’s the cool part…

Once you’ve learned bar chords, the world is your oyster.

  • No longer are certain keys or songs outside your capability to play.
  • No longer are key changes an issue.
  • No longer is your playing limited to simple sounding open chords.
  • No longer will all your chords and songs have to sound the same…

Bar chords bring freedom to explore the rest of the fretboard, and get a lot of new sounds out of your guitar than the bottom four frets can offer.

That’s why every player should make the effort to learn bar chords – it really is that important.

Plus – if you learn bar chords the way I teach, there’s not even much pain involved. I’ll give you tips ‘n tricks and strategies to minimize the pain as much as possible, all while learning new chords and building finger strength.

Check it out – Bar Chords Made Simple.

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