How To Connect Guitar Scale Patterns

One of the questions I often get is this:

Jonathan, how can I connect the different scale patterns so that I can play across the whole fretboard, and not just a few frets of it?

Well, the method I teach in Guitar Scale Patterns uses just three main scale patterns to cover the neck.

These three patterns only have a couple frets or less in between them, and sometimes completely overlap each other.

So by having a close look at the patterns you know, and how they fit together on your fretboard, you can usually see spots where it simply makes sense to slide from one pattern into the next. It’s a bit like playing connect the dots.

I’ve got a few of my own favorite spots that I teach in Guitar Scale Patterns, but that should really just be a tool to get you started; every guitar player looks at things slightly differently, and in time you’ll come up with your own favorites.

Another tip for finding ways to connect patterns is to simply pick a key – say the key of C, and then play all the patterns you know in that key one after another.

This will get your brain thinking in terms of the whole fretboard, rather than just a portion, and you’d be surprised at how you start seeing it differently after doing an exercise like that!

Anyways, if you’d like to learn more about guitar scales and how you can connect them to play all over the fretboard in every key, I’d recommend checking out my Guitar Scale Patterns course.

There’s a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on it, so you really can’t lose.

And whatever you do, practice is always the key to getting your guitar scales down better, so grab your guitar and play it a bit today!

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