How to Play Harmonics On Guitar (Guitar Harmonics)

In this guitar lesson, Colin will teach you how to play harmonics on your guitar. If you don’t know what guitar harmonics sound like, then play the video, and you’ll find out. One song that I always think of regarding harmonics is Summer Song by Joe Satriani. He uses them a fair bit in the beginning part, although if you listen closely you’ll find harmonics being used in all different genres and all different styles of music.

The most common places to find harmonics on your guitar are the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets, as well as the octaves of those (ie 17th, 19th, and 24th frets).

Harmonics work best on amplified electric guitars, however you can make them work on an acoustic as well, it’s just harder to hear them as the amplification really helps on the electric. Using distortion further amplifies their sound as well. This is one of those handy guitar techniques it is nice to have at your disposal, it can add some extra spice in certain situations, although you certainly don’t want to use it all the time. A little spice is nice… to much and you get accused of being a bad cook! 🙂

Ok, grab your guitar, and let’s learn how to play some guitar harmonic!

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