Finger Exercises for Guitar

Here’s a lesson on finger exercises for guitar. As a guitar player, you are forever strengthening your fingers, not to mention practicing your guitar scales! So, why not do both at the same time?

To be honest, while I was recording this lesson I could feel it in my own fingers… proof positive that these exercises will work you over and build up that strength and dexterity!

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Another way to use these finger exercises is to spice up your practice times. Work on going up and down the scale, then working up and down in increments like I describe on the video.

Doing this forces your fingers to become more familiar with each note and the notes around it, and gets you used to quickly changing directions mid-scale.

I used my electric guitar on this lesson, but these finger exercises are just as good on the acoustic guitar. You’ll just have to work a little harder to accomplish the same thing =).

Stroke my ego… leave a comment below the video and tell me how much your fingers hurt after doing these exercises =)

Watch Finger Exercises For Guitar on Youtube

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  1. good short idea barrage… you can dream up zillions of variations on simple scales work… up and down the fret, sections, forward & back, start in the middle, on and on. Excellent short piece to start the ideas flowing for my own workouts in the ‘gym’

  2. Nice lesson Jonathan.  I like the very end of this lesson with the pull-offs on the 1 or 2 string at the 8,7,5 frets.  It’s a great way to start with the right hand tapping at the 10,12 and beyond…….

  3. Thanks for the lesson bro. I like to do pentatonics for warmups using sequences. 123,234,345.   or 1234,2345,3456, or 1234543,2345654,… or 13,24,35,46…..I have dozens of great sequences.

  4. Looks to me like that will help a lot in many ways.Finger stretching is good to.Good job keep rocking.

  5. Hey Jonathan, Love were you are leading us love what you can do with a simple chord and you are a very nice teacher keep it coming.

  6. Pinkie Power, great exercises, I like to run up and down each scales’ boxes from A to G, doing the same sort of thing, up and down in each box.

    But pinkie power is where it’s at,!

    Grab any fret, any string with your 1st finger, anchor down, and start hammering-on with your pinkie, 3 frets up, continue hammering-on with your pinkie for as long as your pinkie can hold out.
    If you can go 2 minutes, of continuous discernible sounding, hammer-ons with your pinkie, you got Pinkie Power!!!!
    I do this same hammer-on exercise with all my fingers and try stretching to frets further away than usual, to gain a little more stretch and limber in my hands.
    Try any finger for 2 minutes of hammer-ons, it ain’t ease and it tires your hands and finger out, but it works, builds strength and stamina. Believe me, try it yourself 2 minutes! Any finger, but test out that little Pinkie, 2 minutes, less than the duration of most songs.
    ‘I got Blister on my Finger’ J. Lennon; Helter Skelter
    Actual I read they were bleeding??? Fact or Fiction ???

  7. The DVD “Pumping Nylon” A Guide to Classical Guitar Technique is the best for finger exercises. By Scott Tennant. Also, you can buy finger weights. One for each finger. Do exercises or just play with them on. And when you take them off. Like …”POW”. You fly through the fret board. Eric Clapton, Slash, Van Halen etc… all used finger weights.

  8. I am hooked on my Chapman Stick. It is the best thing ever. Also it would be cool if you taught actual songs. Playing both bass and melody lines. Also fingerpicking.
    Thanks. Scales and music theory can be extremely boring. Playing songs exercises your fingers and makes it fun to play. Actual songs from beginning to end. Playing riffs and licks also becomes boring if you are not playing in a band.

    1. Hi Charles, I agree on the value of songs… the issue is the possibility of copyright infringement lawsuits. I know others are out there doing that, but they’ve either jumped through numerous hoops (I’ve looked into it), or are just taking their chances.

  9. Ever heard the expression “down to the bone”? Blues players would play and practice till there was nothing but bone on their fingers. Actually this is not a metaphor. It is true. BB King said he played so much that at one time you could see his pinky bone. LoL.

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