The Most Popular Strum Pattern In The World

Have you ever struggled to find a strum pattern to fit a particular song?

The strum pattern that Colin will teach you in this very short lesson is compatible with an incredible number of songs, across all kinds of different genres. That makes it a must-have pattern for any beginner guitar player to have in their bag of tricks. It works great for songs in 4/4 time, which is most songs.

At the end of the lesson, Colin tosses in a bonus strumming pattern that is quite similar to the main one; together they give you some very good options if you’re learning a new song and you’re not quite sure what to start off with.

Colin has an entire course packed full of guitar strumming patterns, if you’re interested in that you can learn more here.

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Bassmanwillie - December 21, 2013 Reply

Thanx Claude great basics always love your sharing of knowledge and skill. Merry Christ-mas to you and your family.

Joseph Jacobs - February 4, 2015 Reply

Who’s Claude?

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