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How To Install Guitar Strap Locks

Guitar Strap LocksGuitar strap locks are one of the coolest little guitar gadget style inventions I’ve ever come across.

Have you ever had a guitar strap slip off the hook, or have you seen this happen to someone else? Often times the guitar crashes painfully to the floor, and sometimes, never to get back up.

A close friend of mine destroyed a beautiful $1500 GNL when his strap slipped off by accident.

Not very cool.

So what’s the answer?

How To Install Guitar Strap Locks

Considering they only cost about $15 on Amazon, strap locks can literally save you hundreds or thousands of dollars and the grief of a destroyed guitar.

About the only downside that I can think of to using guitar strap locks is that you need to dedicate a particular strap to a particular guitar, if that can even be classified as a concern.

In this video I demonstrate how to install the Schaler strap locks on your guitar. It’s very easy, and boils down to these steps:

  1. Remove existing strap knobs.
  2. Screw Schaler guitar strap locks back into the same holes.
  3. Attach the other end to your strap.

That’s it!

Click Here To Get Schaler Strap Locks ($15-$20)

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