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Cool Chord Progression With Drone Notes

Here’s a fun little trick you can use to add some additional character to your chord progressions – add some drone notes.

What do I mean by that? Simply adding a note that remains constant throughout each chord change. Kind of like how a bagpipe always has that drone going on underneath the melody. Oops, did I mention bagpipes and guitars in the same thought? Yikes! 🙂

Actually, side story – I once heard the bagpipes played at Canada’s Parliament buildings, accompanied by some distorted electric guitars, and it sounded extremely cool. Okay… moving on past the bagpipes!

We’re going to be using these chords: Em, G, D and A. However, we’re going to keep the notes on the first and second strings constant: 1st string open, and 2nd string on the 3rd fret.

Check it out:

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The “D Thing” lesson that I referenced in the lesson can be found here: The D Thing

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