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New Contest Ideas?

guitar contestHere’s the deal – I’ve got a brand new collection of 30 Rock/Blues Jam Tracks coming out soon that are going to be an absolute blast to jam along with.

In the past, whenever I’ve released a new product, I’ve always held some sort of contest to help build interest, and of course, to get some free copies to the winners!

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This time around, I still want to give out some free copies, but I want to change the format of the contest a bit. Rather than simply “entering your name” I’d like to spice things up a little.

One idea is to provide one of the jam tracks for free for everyone to download, and then you can film yourself jamming along to the track, put it on YouTube, and use that as an entry into the contest. Then, we can all vote on which entries deserve to win.

Most computers these days have a webcam, and uploading to YouTube is getting pretty easy now too.

That’s one idea, but maybe you’ve got another idea?

I’d love to hear your input on this – please leave a comment below, telling me whether or not you like the YouTube idea. Also, if you have a better idea, please explain it below!


~ Jonathan Boettcher