New Contest Ideas?

guitar contestHere’s the deal – I’ve got a brand new collection of 30 Rock/Blues Jam Tracks coming out soon that are going to be an absolute blast to jam along with.

In the past, whenever I’ve released a new product, I’ve always held some sort of contest to help build interest, and of course, to get some free copies to the winners!

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This time around, I still want to give out some free copies, but I want to change the format of the contest a bit. Rather than simply “entering your name” I’d like to spice things up a little.

One idea is to provide one of the jam tracks for free for everyone to download, and then you can film yourself jamming along to the track, put it on YouTube, and use that as an entry into the contest. Then, we can all vote on which entries deserve to win.

Most computers these days have a webcam, and uploading to YouTube is getting pretty easy now too.

That’s one idea, but maybe you’ve got another idea?

I’d love to hear your input on this – please leave a comment below, telling me whether or not you like the YouTube idea. Also, if you have a better idea, please explain it below!


~ Jonathan Boettcher

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  1. interesting idea but given that the jam tracks are for folks to learn to jam, i think that voting for the best jammer may not be the best way to go … how about,’what is your favourite solo and why?’ it needs to be something that folks of all abilities can compete in to make it fair … one of my fav solos would be from ‘brick in the wall’ because although it does not seem to have a melody you can follow, it just sits in the song perfectly

    1. i agree, the whole point in the tracks is for people to learn to jam. maybe everyone does a guitar review on youtube?

  2. This would disadvantage the beginner guitarist. I know that there are lots of people out there who would solo better than me so I would have no interest in such a competition. This type of competition would probably only attract entries from people who are already competent guitarists.

    How about about a simple musical theory related question e.g. Name the notes in the key of A?

    Or even name your favourite guitarist of all time – you would have to pick the winner out of a hat but it would provide you with information on the guitarists and styles that your students like allowing you develop lessons to match.

    1. I think the notes in A idea I think is too basic… then we’re basically into the kind of skill testing questions you see on sweepstakes (ie same as basic math).

      The favorite guitarist is interesting though, or perhaps even favorite guitar solo… that would at least get people thinking a little.

  3. How about finding all the cords for each positon. To make it easy name all the cords you can find at the eight frett. C Dm Em F G Am Bdim. I like to practice working on cords in each position.

  4. I agree with the other Eddie, publish the chords and maybe identify the proper scale location for the beginners. Beyond that I would have everyone put certain key words in their post so that they all come up together when searched to make voting easier. Then I would give several prizes, of course best solo, but maybe some like most simple, easy to learn, cleanest, etc so that newbies will have a chance at winning too. Not too many newbies are gonna put themselves on Youtube when they know more advance players are gonna blow them away.

  5. I think it’s a good idea, but it might drive away guitarist who are less familiar with improvisation and such.

    I think that since the Stanley Cup Finals are taking place, you should have something based around that (i.e. how many games[6], who wins[Hawks], final score[4-2]) something like that.

    Go Blackhawks!

      1. It’s alright, that’s the fun with sports. Honestly, Boston is the only team to have me worried so far this year, but I still think my Hawks will pull it off.

        There is, however, the thought of a certain team getting swept in the first round by a lower seed. Wonder if you could remind me who that was?

  6. Great idea! What about instead of or as well as posting to youtube that you tell folks about the free recording software (Audacity or Garage Band) that they could download and use to record themselves jamming along to your jam track and they could then post it to SoundCloud and provide the link. This is what we did when we took the songwriting course from Berklee through Coursera and it worked great.

    Since I’m writing, I’ll take the time to thank both you and Colin for all the great instruction I’ve received – it’s helped me immensely and I’m currently enjoying Colins strumming course – you guys are awesome!! Thanks again!

  7. Although thoughtful, your contest idea would exclude the large majority of players who could benefit from your product…that is, the inexperienced, less confident, unseasoned player. That group would be less likely to post a video of themselves attempting to play. Maybe some kind of music trivia contest instead…

  8. Not sure about the you tube idea, as I am not a fan of “putting it out there” for all to see. Call me modest (or insecure) as a guitar player but I really play for my own enjoyment rather than others at this point. How about a scales quiz ie; which scales work best with which keys (or something along those lines) Not too glamorous I know but less intimidating for some. Just a thought. Have a good one.

  9. How about you put together a video of you playing along with some 0f the tracks. I’d like to see what can be done with them. And I’d prefer to simply put my name in a drawing rather than a skills test. I’m not at the point I am ready for primetime. Not an original idea for a contest but I think you i’d rather make a comment on YT verses posting my playing at this time… Hope this helps.

  10. Not sure about the YouTube thing but what I would really like to have available are some jam tracks with a full band but offer them in multi-track format so each individual track can be silenced. That way you open your potential customer base to more musicians.

  11. Love the idea, I like the contest idea , but it will likely scare off less experienced players? But it may greatly help intermediate to expert players see somethings they have never tried before? But hey, forget about the Blackhawks and keep the jam trax flowing, I think this would also be a great way to give some of the people in the contest some feedback on their playing, and where they may be able to improve, and things they do well etc

  12. No can do. I am on the witness protection program..OOOps
    Why not e-mail a home recording of jammin to the previous Jamtracks??

  13. That’s a great idea, Jonathan. You can add that everyone do the best they can with it. Or you can have 2 first place. One being for those a little more Intermediate and one for the beginners. That way there are no one hurt or feel out of place.

  14. I think the best way to decide a winner is to ask for a brief essay to post on a page like this. ASK how your emails and newsletters, and YouTube tutorials have helped, and let everyone be able to vote on a response. I program my own jam tracks, so I wont benefit on this one, But I’d be happy to vote on a response where I get a sense someone cares to learn, and needs the jam tracks to help them progress!

  15. how ya Jonnie–yea you tube is good but i find it hard to make my own videos—would prefer a music quiz—or guitar quiz–something to test your knowledge of music—ps–reckon there s too much emphasis on blues solo guitar—give us more open tuning stuff eg;D A D G A D—–Ger the guitar lad

  16. Speaking of favorite guitar solos, maybe the contest could be someone covering their favorite guitar solo. Then for upload, it could either be youtube, soundcloud, or maybe some other service of your choosing.

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