Lick of the Week 5: Dim7 Chords

I bet this one is a bit off the beaten path for you! Unless you’re into jazz, not too many guitar players plumb the depths of the diminished chords, but today I wanted to show you a fairly simple way to string some into a lick. The amazing beauty of this diminished 7th chord shape

Lick of the Week 4: Open Pentatonic Bend

Open position guitar licks are kind of their own animal. Sure, you can often try to apply them to other scale positions – and later in this lesson you’ll see me do that – however, because of the open notes we have access to, we can often end up playing things that we simply couldn’t

Lick of the Week 3: Double Stops

This guitar lick comes from two different scale patterns, box 1 and box 2 of the pentatonic minor patterns, or you could also call them the root 6 major and minor scales. A double stop is simply two notes played simultaneously. In the right context, the right double stop can be an incredibly sweet addition

Lick of the Week 2: Pentatonic Repetition

Today’s guitar lick comes straight out of Box 1 of the pentatonic minor scale. Elsewhere, I’ve often called this the root 6 pentatonic minor scale, because the root note for the pattern is on the 6th string.  Here’s the tab: The secret to this riff is mastering the repetitive picking motion. Down, pull off, up. Repeat. I

Lick of the Week 1: A Sweet Minor Third

This is a really useful minor third based lick, straight out of the pentatonic minor scale. Though come to think of it, we’re using one note from the next box pattern as well.  Here’s the tab for the lick:The minor third is created by those first two notes in the riff. The lower note is an

Alternate Rhythm Parts – Jam Track in D

In this guitar lesson we’re going to look at some of the alternate rhythm parts used in the Jam Track in D Major I posted recently.  Here are the different parts we’re discussing:Start – Main rhythm part4:26 Lead riff over the 2-bar “A” build5:25 Fourths7:03 Alternate rhythm using the C9:25 Acoustic inverted thirds

Jam Track in D Major

Are you ready to solo with a fun jam track? This one is in D major.  If you’d like to learn how to play some of the rhythm parts in this track, checkout this lesson here. 

Slow Blues Jam Track in “A”

Sometimes I spend hours just jamming with jam tracks like this one. They’re such a good tool for developing your solo, I don’t know of anything quite as powerful. Having the chords on-screen is also very useful for developing your ability to target individual chords with your riffs on the fly, right in the middle

An Awesome Little Blues Lick

In today’s lesson we’re looking at one little blues guitar riff that you can literally use anywhere you want to. It’s a short lick, so you can fit it in between vocal lines if you want, or you could use it as part of your solos – anything you want.  The trickiest part of this guitar

Welcome to Nerdville

Here’s a fun half hour for all you gear lovers. Joe Bonamassa is not only one heck of a guitar player, he’s also quite the collector too. My favorite line: “Hi my name is Joe, and I’m a guitar addict. This is what happens when addiction coupled with a modicum of success in the music

How To Use A Guitar Tuner

A common question beginners often ask is “How to use a guitar tuner?” So I thought I would make a quick lesson here on how to use a digital guitar tuner to tune your guitar. Tuning your guitar is incredibly important. If the guitar isn’t in tune, you’re not going to want to play it,

Song Surgeon Review – Slow Down Music Easily!

Have you ever wanted to slow down music so you could actually figure out what was going on? Song Surgeon does exactly that for you – just like a surgeon, it allows you to slice and dice and manipulate any audio file in almost any way you want.4 Reasons Why You’d Want To Slow Down Music

How To Make a Simple Midi Jam Track in Logic Pro

The other day I found myself building a simple midi jam track so I could practice a particular 4-bar turnaround lick with it. I wanted something I could easily change the tempo on, because it was a complicated lick and despite learning it really slow, like around 50 beats per minute, ultimately my goal was

G-C-D: The 3 Greatest Guitar Chords (+20 Songs)

In the previous lesson we learned Em and Am, because those are probably among the easiest chords for a straight-up beginner guitar player to learn, however in this lesson we’re going to add three more: G, C, and D. These three chords are quite possibly the three best chords you’ll ever learn, simply because of the

7 Ways To Use Octaves In Your Solos

The octave is the most perfect musical harmony, because the second note is exactly the same as the first, only higher or lower in pitch. This means the two notes mesh perfectly together. This unique sound is one that deserves to be used in your playing, and the great news is that it isn’t super

Climbing with Thirds

In Secrets of Tasty Riffs & Solos, one of the tricks I taught was how to use two strings and climb up or down the fretboard in patterns of thirds. This is a great way to move between scale patterns, it sounds really cool and melodic, and it can quickly get you from one end of

1 Powerful Strum Pattern + Counting Rhythms

If chords are the bread, then strum patterns are the butter of a guitar player’s world. So far in our Level 1 series, we haven’t really learned any strum patterns beyond the most basic. Today, that starts to change. But first, let’s discuss rhythm. In 4/4 timing, we have four beats per measure, or per

First Bar Chords

Welcome to the first guitar lesson in our Level 2 series! Level 2 is for guitar players who definitely are not complete beginners… perhaps they have a few months of experience under their belt… or perhaps they’ve played for 20 years already, but regardless of how long they’ve played, they’re still in the overall “beginner”

Your First Guitar Lesson

Welcome to your very first guitar lesson! This is the first guitar lesson in our series for total beginners – if you’re on the email course list, you’ll be getting a lesson like this once a week. However, this lesson is 30 minutes, and most of the lessons you’ll be getting will actually be under

Tips For Learning How To Sing While Playing Guitar

Being able to play guitar and sing is one of the most coveted skills out there. Most popular artists do both, which means you’ll be more likely to gain popularity as a musician if you’re able to sing while playing the guitar simultaneously. Teaching yourself to sing with a guitar can be difficult, but thankfully