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Picking Bass Notes

This guitar lesson on picking bass notes is pretty short, because I scooped one of my buddy Colin’s guitars to do the lesson quick while he was out of the room! Haha. Gotta have some fun in life, right?

Well, anyways, the main point of the lesson is that when you’re picking,  you really need to be aware of where the bass notes are in the chords you’re using. The bass notes really pull the listener along. The other notes in the chord are great, but if you don’t have the root note in there, you’re going to miss it.

Anyhow, here’s the video:

Video problems? Watch Picking Bass Notes on Youtube.

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Guitar Root Notes Explained

This one is a very basic, very quick little lesson – probably relevant only for the real beginners out there, but understanding the guitar root notes for each chord you play is quite important.

In general, the root note is going to be the lowest note in your chord, in terms of pitch. Definitely this is the case in all of the open chords and bar chords. Later on, you’ll get into more advanced chords, and probably see some inversions and things…. but don’t worry about that for now!

The reason you need to know where the root note is, is so that you don’t strum anything lower than that note! If you’re constantly just strumming all six strings, your playing will sound muddy and not very precise, or even musical!

Guitar Root Notes Explained:

Video Problems? Watch Guitar Root Notes Explained on YouTube

So once you’ve watched this video lesson, and you understand where the guitar root notes on your chords are located, pay attention to that while you’re practicing. Take the time to think about it, and make sure you’re only strumming notes within each chord that are supposed to be there!