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An Easy Riff For Beginners – With Open Chords

When I was first learning guitar, a friend of mine wrote a song that had this cool passing note (an F#) in between the G chord and the Em chord. I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and practically forced him to teach it to me.

I’ve since discovered this is about as common as sliced bread, but I still use it frequently anyways, because it sounds cool.

The cool thing is, is that for a beginner it is very easy to learn how to throw these notes into your playing, and you get the satisfaction of hearing your playing sound like something more than the usual strum-strum. =)

(It’s been 15 years, but I still remember some of the early victories learning guitar!! =)

Anyways, here’s an easy riff for beginners. Don’t forget to tell me if you loved it or hated it! You can leave a comment just below the video. Enjoy…

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