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Hammer On Guitar Tips

Some of you have asked me how to do a hammer on guitar, so this lesson is going to address that.

A hammer on is very simply hitting a guitar string without plucking or picking it at the same time. So you’re just using your left hand for this one. It is a fairly simple technique, but you can use it in some very advanced ways once you’ve got the hang of it.

Hammer on guitar riffs sound pretty cool, and you can also use hammer ons to throw in chromatic passing notes all over the place. Hammer ons are very often used in conjunction with pull offs, which is a related, but separate technique. Try practicing each technique on its own, and then combining them.

Definitely something worth practicing and mastering…

Side note – if you really want to master hammer on guitar riffs, along with pulloffs, string stretching and all those other cool techniques, I highly recommend checking out the Riff Ninja Academy free trial – once inside checkout the “Essential Guitar Techniques” section, as there are in depth videos on each of these techniques.

Hammer On Guitar Tips:

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