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Tommy Emmanuel – Guitar Boogie

Here’s a great version of Tommy Emmanuel playing Guitar Boogie. The first time I saw him play this song it blew my mind, seeing what he does with an acoustic guitar. This clip is taken from a concert he did in St. Louis.

It’s great to see how comfortable Tommy is onstage and playing that guitar, cracking jokes the whole time.

Guitar Boogie is basically a 12 bar E blues… with a few frills. 🙂

I think if you watch closely enough, you’ll probably see the kitchen sink in there somewhere.

Unfortunately the video isn’t terribly big on closeups, but if nothing else, I hope you’re motivated watching Tommy Emmanual rip through this version of Guitar Boogie.


Acoustic Blues Guitar Boogie

Here’s another lesson from Colin Daniel (aka the Riff Ninja) on an acoustic blues guitar boogie pattern.

This is a great shuffle pattern that sounds awesome on acoustic or electric guitar. You can play this guitar boogie clean or distorted, but if you’re playing with distortion then you probably want to be careful and use a palm mute so you don’t get too much extra noise.

This kind of a guitar boogie pattern works great in a 12 bar blues format; Colin talks about this in the video. In general, you’re only playing two strings at a time, the I note and the V note – and then you’re adding on the VI for that cool effect.

This sort of a strumming pattern is also perfect for working on licks and riffs – if you can’t get them in fast enough, then simply play the guitar boogie slower and slower until you can fit something in between. Even if you have to start out super slow, it’s a great way to learn, and the reward is well worth it!

Acoustic Blues Guitar Boogie:

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