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Easy Fingerpicking Patterns

Today I’ve got another one of those fairly easy fingerpicking patterns for you and your guitar. I used a very simple and mellow chord progression in this lesson, and there are literally tons of different directions you could go with it.

I tried to give you a couple of different ideas on how you can change up the progression, but I really encourage you to get creative with this one and go nuts on it.

Start with the E Minor Diatonic scale (or G Major – same difference) as that gives you the root notes you can use from the key of G. Basically any of the notes in those scales on the lowest three strings will qualify.

With these fingerpicking patterns, keep your drone notes the same all the time – the open G (3rd string) and the D on the 2nd string. These two notes are the I and V of the key of G, a perfect fifth, and therefore go well with every other note in that scale, which is the reason why its easy to be creative with this one.

In addition to mixing up the root notes, try mixing up your picking pattern once you get the hang of the one I showed you in here. Try alternating different strings, or use the two strings at a time method I showed in the video.

Above all, have fun with it!

The Fingerpicking Patterns Video:

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