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Cool Country Blues Riffs

Country and blues share a lot of things, riffs included, so this blues riff should work well for any of you country and / or blues fans out there. In many cases, the only thing limiting the genre of a particular riff is your tone and timing; so with a little effort you can actually turn many things into country blues riffs.

Although Colin did this particular lesson on an acoustic guitar, there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from using these same blues riffs on an electric if that’s what you prefer.

This riff sounds great played over an E7 chord, and is based on E pentatonic minor. If you change chords, you’ll have to change the scale pattern you’re playing out of. Notice in the video that when he goes to the A7, he moves to the A pentatonic minor position as well.

If you’re on top of it, this and other blues riffs can be moved into any key you want to play in. Just identify which key and guitar scale you need to be using, and go from there.

Cool Country Blues Riffs

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