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7 Guitar Chord Embellishments

Guitar Chord Embellishments

Today’s lesson on guitar chord embellishments is a great one for beginner guitar players, but also you guys who are a bit more advanced and are still looking for a few ways to spice up some of your chords.

The guitar chords I chose are in the key of G, and basically all we’re doing here is moving around the notes in the chord, rather than adding or subtracting new ones. What I mean by that is you still end up with a G major chord, its just that the three notes (G B D) that make up that guitar chord are being re-arranged onto different strings.

This puts the emphasis on different parts of the chord – for instance maybe now instead of having a G B D G B G (starting with the 6th string) you’ve now got G B D G D G, which puts more weight on the D than on the B. Note that you’re not actually changing the names of the notes that are present in the chord though.

As such, you end up with a different sound by using these different fingerings and guitar chord embellishments. Fun stuff.

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If there are other guitar chord embellishments you like using, share them in the comments below!